Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back from Vacation

My foster mom was on vacation last week and she was lucky enough to find a nice lady to come visit us while we were gone so we could stay at home!!! I really didn't like being alone at night but I loved that I didn't have to spend a week in the scary loud kennels. Mom said for my future mom or dad if you ever leave on vacation and cant take me with try to find someone who can spend the night with me!!!! I love sleeping in my mom's bed and it wasn't as fun without her there. Although I didn't like being left alone I was still good. Lots of storms so I didnt spend much time in my crate and I didnt tear anything up or mess up the house at all!!! Mom was so happy with me she bought me a new toy!!! She didnt even buy my foster brother a toy just me!!!!!

See how much I love it!!!

Dont forget if you want to adopt me my application can be found at www.shamrockpets.com and I am listed under Derby McClellan

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