Monday, September 5, 2011


My moms landlord said she has "too many animals" and cant foster anymore. She has to rehome me and Skylar, her cat foster by October 1. Please share me and my story so I can find a foster/rescue/adopter by then. I really dont want to have to go back to KHS

This is Skylar. She is 3 and needs a forever home too. She is shy at first but once she comes out of her shell she is the perfect cat and doesnt even mind big dogs like me!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Broken crate

Im a very smart dog!!! I figured out how to get out of my crate with the door locked!!! In the process  I bent the door so now its very easy to get out the front of my crate!!!

Mom wasnt too happy when I would be waiting for her at the door whenever she came home so she figured out how to be smarted then me for now.

She turned the crate sideways and is now using the side door. I dont like this very much!! She told me 'crate" and I wouldnt go. Mom says we have to use treats to make the crate a happy place but as you can see from the picture cat treats arent going to work.... maybe peanut butter will make that a happy crate again!!

I will keep you updated if I can be smarter then mom or not

DOnt forget if you want to adopt me my application is available at

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back from Vacation

My foster mom was on vacation last week and she was lucky enough to find a nice lady to come visit us while we were gone so we could stay at home!!! I really didn't like being alone at night but I loved that I didn't have to spend a week in the scary loud kennels. Mom said for my future mom or dad if you ever leave on vacation and cant take me with try to find someone who can spend the night with me!!!! I love sleeping in my mom's bed and it wasn't as fun without her there. Although I didn't like being left alone I was still good. Lots of storms so I didnt spend much time in my crate and I didnt tear anything up or mess up the house at all!!! Mom was so happy with me she bought me a new toy!!! She didnt even buy my foster brother a toy just me!!!!!

See how much I love it!!!

Dont forget if you want to adopt me my application can be found at and I am listed under Derby McClellan

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wow its been forever!!!

Sorry guys!!! Its been forever since I have posted. I've been a little distracted!! Mom brought home these tiny little furballs she calls kittens and I've been trying to figure out what their purpose is!!!

They are cute but they make funny hissing noises and bat at me which I dont like!!! Thankfully I have my crate to go relax in. No kitties allowed in there. My foster mom calls me "Officer Derby" when I hear something not right and go in to "save the day"!! I've been in officer mode quite a lot lately cause the hissing doesnt sound right to me!! Thankfully everything is usually okay!!

I have officially hit my 1 yr anniversary in my foster home!! My mom didn't celebrate that day like she celebrates my foster brothers "gotcha" days. I cant wait till I have my own Gotcha day!!! I will be really good in your home I promise. Mom has been working with my manners and she said I am getting even better. She made me "leave it" to a hot dog last week AND I DID!!!! I also am getting better and not jumping on people!! Mom was talking to the neighbor a few weeks ago and didn't let me go jump up to say hi so I just laid down and waited! My mom was very proud of me!!! I got lots of extra pets and treats for being so good!! 

I dont have any new pictures but I will repost one of my foster mom's favorites showing how good I go "bye byes"!!!!
If you want to adopt me please go to My name is Derby McClellan

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Being myself!

Dont mind the crazy lady running the camera talking baby to me!! Thats just my foster mom. I love when she talks like that to me!!!! It usually means I'm gonna get belly rubs! Can you give me belly rubs? I'll be your forever friend if you do.

 This is an old video of me playing with my last foster sister, Susy Q! Suz is spoiled and loved in her forever home. Why cant it be my turn? I want to be spoiled and loved in a forever home too!!!

This one is a short manners video. You cant see the "touch" well at the end but I touched my foster mom's hand with my nose just like I was supposed to!!!

Bye Byes part two

 Here are more pictures of Bye Bye's from last weekend. The boy is my "uncle Kyle". He loves me very much and I love him too. He cant adopt me right now though since he needs to finish school before becoming owned by a dog. 
I really liked his bed. He let me sleep in the big bed my last night there
 Here I am getting belly rubs

 More belly rubs. I love belly rubs they are the best!!!
 I can make my self REALLY SMALL if I need to. I love nothing more then to be by people
The other dog was out for a walk so mom brought out my bone! I'm not allowed to have bones around other dogs because I get too protective. I'm glad the other dog went away. I love bones!!!!

Mom is going to upload my videos as another entry later. Some show my manners and some show how good I play with other dogs

If you want to adopt me please go to I am listed under Derby McClellan

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I love bye byes!!!

I had such a fun weekend!!!! My mom had a family reunion to go to in WI and she took me with!!!! My foster brother had to stay in KY at a babysitter's and I got to go all by myself!!! I was so much fun!!! The bye byes up there was a long ride but I rode really good.
 See how good I ride!!

I got tired of standing...but i really wanted to come up front!

I didnt think they could see me sneaking up!!!

Can I drive now?
Back seat view!! Mom was filling up my water bowl!

I had so much fun!!! Mom had to drive on the way home so she didnt get as many pictures coming home..... I will have mom post the pictures of my new friends tomorrow. Maybe she can even figure out how to get my videos up.

Dont forget if you want to adopt me please go to My name is Derby McClellan