Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bye Byes part two

 Here are more pictures of Bye Bye's from last weekend. The boy is my "uncle Kyle". He loves me very much and I love him too. He cant adopt me right now though since he needs to finish school before becoming owned by a dog. 
I really liked his bed. He let me sleep in the big bed my last night there
 Here I am getting belly rubs

 More belly rubs. I love belly rubs they are the best!!!
 I can make my self REALLY SMALL if I need to. I love nothing more then to be by people
The other dog was out for a walk so mom brought out my bone! I'm not allowed to have bones around other dogs because I get too protective. I'm glad the other dog went away. I love bones!!!!

Mom is going to upload my videos as another entry later. Some show my manners and some show how good I play with other dogs

If you want to adopt me please go to www.shamrockpets.com. I am listed under Derby McClellan

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