Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hi, My name is Derby

Hello everyone,
My foster mom started this blog as a way to promote her adoptable animals. She takes in animals from shelters or people who cant keep them anymore and takes care of them untill they find forever homes! My name is Derby and although I am not her first foster animal I get to be the first one to write about myself and my adventures! If you want to adopt me or any other animal my foster mom has we will tell u at the end of each blog where to go.

Ok, enough formalities! Now to the fun part. All about me!!!
My name is Derby and I am a greyhound/ Sheppard mix. I am about four years old but that is just a guess because somebody let me loose and I was turned into the Kentucky Humane Society in Louisville KY by a nice volunteer. I got to the shelter in February of 2010. I was a very good boy while I was there but I was heart-worm positive and that's why I think no one wanted me.  I was there for about 6 weeks before my foster mom first got to take me home. She said it was because the shelter was overcrowded and so I got to go stay with her for a few  weeks! I loved it with her. My mom said she can tell I was loved before since I am a very good boy and have never messed in her house. I know better! Only outside it okay potty space!

A nice couple in her apartment complex fell in love with me and instead of going back to the shelter I got to go home with them!!!  I liked it at their place at first but they had little babies come over and a mean cat that didnt like me. Eventually they returned me to the shelter but because I was so scared the people at the shelter didnt think I could be adopted out. They contacted my foster mom in July 2010 and she has had me ever since.

I like it at my mom's place but I would like a bigger family with older kids and possibly a fenced in yard to play in. I love to run and play!!! Im mostly a couch potato though. I love to cuddle on the couch and watch tv and I'm very well behaved at home. I like to play with toys and LOVE treats. I have good manners and know what to do when my mom says Sit, down, off, come, touch. leave it and wait!!!

Well thats all for now

If you want to adopt me please go to www.shamrockpets.com. I am listed under Derby McClellan

Talk to you soon!

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