Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wow its been forever!!!

Sorry guys!!! Its been forever since I have posted. I've been a little distracted!! Mom brought home these tiny little furballs she calls kittens and I've been trying to figure out what their purpose is!!!

They are cute but they make funny hissing noises and bat at me which I dont like!!! Thankfully I have my crate to go relax in. No kitties allowed in there. My foster mom calls me "Officer Derby" when I hear something not right and go in to "save the day"!! I've been in officer mode quite a lot lately cause the hissing doesnt sound right to me!! Thankfully everything is usually okay!!

I have officially hit my 1 yr anniversary in my foster home!! My mom didn't celebrate that day like she celebrates my foster brothers "gotcha" days. I cant wait till I have my own Gotcha day!!! I will be really good in your home I promise. Mom has been working with my manners and she said I am getting even better. She made me "leave it" to a hot dog last week AND I DID!!!! I also am getting better and not jumping on people!! Mom was talking to the neighbor a few weeks ago and didn't let me go jump up to say hi so I just laid down and waited! My mom was very proud of me!!! I got lots of extra pets and treats for being so good!! 

I dont have any new pictures but I will repost one of my foster mom's favorites showing how good I go "bye byes"!!!!
If you want to adopt me please go to My name is Derby McClellan

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